Saturday, January 31, 2009

I just watch when the wind blows cold.
Dust has shared the loneliness I feel,
so what makes me so special?
Even the silent snow is more beautiful than I am,
the ripple of the river is more gracious than me.
What makes me so special?

But as I catch a glimpse of you,
you walk down the road towards me.
Smile twinkles in your eyes,
your sweet voice arises.
Saying, "Hi darling, how are you today?"
Smile rises in my heart, "I am fine"

I am fine knowing you are here,
loving me and loved by me.
What makes me so special?
Perhaps I won't know,
but I have you here with me.
And nothing else matters...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear God

I get to know the song 'Dear God' by Avenged Sevenfold from a friend the other day. The title inspired me to write a poem out of it (and, of course, the situation in which I'm in also plays a part in giving me inspiration), so here is my own version of 'Dear God'...

Dear God,
Can you pass a message for someone for me?
He is one of the angels of yours.
He could be sleeping now.
Or thinking of me, as I hope he would.
Can you help me to tell him that I love him?
It sounds like easy words to say,
but it takes all the courage I have and
whole my heart to say it out.
Can you also help me to let him know that I hope he's happy?
Whether his heart is with me or is someone else's.
It's okay if he can't stay,
if he has to leave,
to achieve his dreams,
or just to do his things,
things that he loves.
I just wish that he's happy and always remember me
(even if just once a while),
as the girl who once passed by in his life,
trying to touch his heart...

Yours sincerely (and his),
Your child.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A rough English translation...

When fire has lost its shine
When the stars fall replacing the snow
Even at that time,
I will never stop missing you
I miss you and everything that we couldn't have

When the sun refuse to shine and decline to warm
When cold is no longer felt cold
Even on that day
I will never stop blaming myself
I blame myself for everything that I dared not do

Once, you gave me 8 months and 1 day caressed by your love
But I gave you 8 months and 2 days feeling unloved
Now you give me forever to feel the emptiness of this life without someone loving me
And I get no time to say: I love you
If only I have a second, a second to let you know: I am sorry
That's all I'll be asking for,
a second to meet you, even just in your dreams
And make you understand: I love you

Thursday, January 08, 2009

When your scream fell off down the steep cliff,
your wail caught up in its depth.
Deep where no one would hear.
None would find.
Not even would the nymphs of the dark side
nor the muses of the seas..
Lie! It's carved on your forehead,
on your palms, on your arms.
On your lips: liar! Lie!