Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember me when it rains

Remember me when it rains..

When the nature starts to become uneasy
And the thunder roars
Remember the peace I gave when everything else rumbled

When the wind blows
And it starts to get colder
Remember the warm hug I gave you when it's cold
I had given everything I have to protect you

When the dark clouds reign over
And everything seems so dark
Remember the dark times we've been through together

When the sky starts to cry
And shed its tears to the ground
Remember the tears I've shed when you're hurt
That is how much I love you

Rain is not something to cry about
Like goodbyes is not such a bad thing
Don't sulk cos it's dark
But be happy cos dark time never lasts
Don't cry cos it's over
But be happy cos it ever happenned

Just don't forget about us
And remember me when it rains..

28 Aug 2009 -Vk

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobody misses you --I'm just a nobody without you.