Thursday, April 02, 2009

There's something missing...

There's something missing...
The pieces are gone... left the puzzle undone?
It's the things that you and I don't understand
And probably won't

It's the feelings like torn papers
Don't try to patch it up, it won't be the same.
And some pieces could probably be missing
And who cares about torn papers, anyway?

It's the feelings like melted snow
It went through a series of painful process
Through coldness and lonelines; what is it for?
To only be melted and replaced by a much-prefered summer

It's like the moon, the ocean, and the migrating birds
Wane and wax, water and inland, north and south.
What is it for? Going round and round in an endless cycle..

For other people? Who, they would ask
For oneself? Selfish, they would say

There is something missing there...

-Vk, April's Fool 2009


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8/4/09 2:31 PM  
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thank you.. :)

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