Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Psalm for my God

Few weeks back, I participated in a church camp.
There, they asked us to write a letter, a psalm, for God.
Write down anything we have to say for God. I just want to share what I've written...

Dear God,
I'm tired, I'm lost cos I don't find a place that will accept me.
But I opened Your notes few days back.
And there You've said, You've wrote, You've promised.
You'll be here beside me.
You told me to be strong, so here I am looking for strength.
You said You'll be here, so here I am looking for You.
You asked me to forgive my enemy, to love them and pray for them.
I tried, but I can't. Not anymore.
Every man has a breaking point.
I guess that's compiled everything I want to say to You:
No, I can't take it anymore.
I look up, look around.
And all I see is broken people, broken hearts.
I'm one of them.
Are You going to let us stay this way?
But looking from the other side..
I thank You for everything You've given me.
You gave me hope and love through someone.
You gave me what I asked and more.
And You definitely give me what I need.
Just grant me one more thing: let not this heart be cold.
Let it instead forgive and love, the way You want it to.
So people will see me and realize:
God is in good mood when He's making her.
God is happy when He has made her..


Blogger Felix Sun said...

thumbs up~

10/5/09 2:18 PM  
Blogger Ali man said...

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28/6/14 1:47 PM  

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