Saturday, January 17, 2009

A rough English translation...

When fire has lost its shine
When the stars fall replacing the snow
Even at that time,
I will never stop missing you
I miss you and everything that we couldn't have

When the sun refuse to shine and decline to warm
When cold is no longer felt cold
Even on that day
I will never stop blaming myself
I blame myself for everything that I dared not do

Once, you gave me 8 months and 1 day caressed by your love
But I gave you 8 months and 2 days feeling unloved
Now you give me forever to feel the emptiness of this life without someone loving me
And I get no time to say: I love you
If only I have a second, a second to let you know: I am sorry
That's all I'll be asking for,
a second to meet you, even just in your dreams
And make you understand: I love you


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