Friday, January 01, 2010

Love is a two-way street.
'Perfection' is about striking the right balance.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember me when it rains

Remember me when it rains..

When the nature starts to become uneasy
And the thunder roars
Remember the peace I gave when everything else rumbled

When the wind blows
And it starts to get colder
Remember the warm hug I gave you when it's cold
I had given everything I have to protect you

When the dark clouds reign over
And everything seems so dark
Remember the dark times we've been through together

When the sky starts to cry
And shed its tears to the ground
Remember the tears I've shed when you're hurt
That is how much I love you

Rain is not something to cry about
Like goodbyes is not such a bad thing
Don't sulk cos it's dark
But be happy cos dark time never lasts
Don't cry cos it's over
But be happy cos it ever happenned

Just don't forget about us
And remember me when it rains..

28 Aug 2009 -Vk

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobody misses you --I'm just a nobody without you.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My late dream

I had a dream. Now the dream is dead.
It's buried somewhere in Broken Heart Ville.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Psalm for my God

Few weeks back, I participated in a church camp.
There, they asked us to write a letter, a psalm, for God.
Write down anything we have to say for God. I just want to share what I've written...

Dear God,
I'm tired, I'm lost cos I don't find a place that will accept me.
But I opened Your notes few days back.
And there You've said, You've wrote, You've promised.
You'll be here beside me.
You told me to be strong, so here I am looking for strength.
You said You'll be here, so here I am looking for You.
You asked me to forgive my enemy, to love them and pray for them.
I tried, but I can't. Not anymore.
Every man has a breaking point.
I guess that's compiled everything I want to say to You:
No, I can't take it anymore.
I look up, look around.
And all I see is broken people, broken hearts.
I'm one of them.
Are You going to let us stay this way?
But looking from the other side..
I thank You for everything You've given me.
You gave me hope and love through someone.
You gave me what I asked and more.
And You definitely give me what I need.
Just grant me one more thing: let not this heart be cold.
Let it instead forgive and love, the way You want it to.
So people will see me and realize:
God is in good mood when He's making her.
God is happy when He has made her..

Thursday, April 09, 2009

MaeRin.. MaeRin..

What's going on with your life?
A heart that supposed to be like a blank paper
remains empty.
There's something about you
that can't be loved entirely.
Don't ask about your mom..she's dead,
and that's the whole story.
It's sad that you have to believe
some wounds are better to be left in the misery.

Inspired by Taylor Swift's White Horse.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

There's something missing...

There's something missing...
The pieces are gone... left the puzzle undone?
It's the things that you and I don't understand
And probably won't

It's the feelings like torn papers
Don't try to patch it up, it won't be the same.
And some pieces could probably be missing
And who cares about torn papers, anyway?

It's the feelings like melted snow
It went through a series of painful process
Through coldness and lonelines; what is it for?
To only be melted and replaced by a much-prefered summer

It's like the moon, the ocean, and the migrating birds
Wane and wax, water and inland, north and south.
What is it for? Going round and round in an endless cycle..

For other people? Who, they would ask
For oneself? Selfish, they would say

There is something missing there...

-Vk, April's Fool 2009