Friday, November 14, 2008

A Grateful Note

Here is one for you
Wish you know who you are
Few words too little

A note might help it to settle

You have no idea what you've given me
So here's a little note just to let you know
I wanna thank you
For teaching me many things
Stand up for what I believe,
Stand up for who I am.
Thank you for teaching me to be different
To break away from people's definition of me
For teaching me not only to speak my mind out loud
But also to laugh out loud.

Thank you for being there when noone else care
Many claims they care about me
But you treat me the best
Should you leave one day
I'll still be thankful
Cos you've stayed much longer than anyone ever did

So there it is, the only thing I could give back for you
Just a little note to let you know

Just a little note...


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