Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soundtrack of the day: Butterfly Cry by Kerli
"Affair of the heart is the undoing of a hero.."

When I'm not, you are.
When I do, you don't.
You're here, but you're so far away.
Within range but unreachable.
I try to deny, but how is it supposed to work?
Even though I don't ever say it, I still feel it.

This feeling is like a butterfly.
So fragile yet so strong.
The urge is so strong I'm suffocated.
Yet it's so fragile I know it'll die soon.
It'll die before we're able to comprehend.
Even before we realize it ever existed.
How good will its life be if it doesn't have to feel guilty
when it does the things that brings
happiness for it.

How should anyone understand?
The sadness of the butterfly.
Cos its existence just another one
In this universe.
In vain.



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