Friday, June 13, 2008

Shoutouts: The NEW CHAPTER

"I already am: I'm just trying to deny it." 10Sept08
"Have you ever hurt so bad it feels so good?" 1Sept08
"After so many things that YOU've done for me, how can I ever stop loving YOU?" -25August08
"You've shattered everything that I've finally started to believe." -4August08
"Whatever happened to Fallen Star?" -19 July 08

"Did I lose my love to someone better --and that she loves you like I do?" -8 July 08
"I better get going and bury the skeleton in my closet..!" -27 June 08
"It's going to be alright..." -23 June 08
"It's not the matter of luck, it's just the matter of time..." -9 June 08

"Yes, I'm a selfish bitch. But my intention never change, what I want stays the same." -31 May 08

"Is this who you are? Some sweet violent urge.
Indulge in your love too much, and one will die overdose." -15 May 08


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