Friday, May 30, 2008

A Perfect Stranger (Beautiful Stranger)

You catch me the moment I get on the ride
Gets me wonder what's the price of saying hello?
Will it cost me my pride?
Will it make me seem shallow?

Someone so lovely among faded six odd billions.
I can feel you glancing at me --or is it only my imagination?
Say something quickly before the train reach its destination.
But I'm caught up in an unholy intervention.

As far as the eyes matter, you're everything I'm looking for.
But since fate deter, I guess I need chance one more.

If only I have the courage.
If only destiny is gentler to me.
If only the time permits.
But if-onlies were just they are.

But the train stops, its doors close.
The unreality cuts.
If-only remains what it is.
You're going back to your life, and I, to mine.

The inspiration of this poem comes from the bustling morning MRT of Singapore, with people who avoid each other's glances and try not to wish each other a good morning (is that why everybody has a bad morning?).
I used to take the underground train from Kallang to Tiong Bahru. One fine morning, I saw this young Eurasian man.. but of course, as a conventional young Asian lady caught up in an unfriendly Singaporean environment, I didn't say hi to him. Just keep quite and let my imagination runs as wild as the MRT.


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