Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shoutouts list (Daftar shououts, gitu loh)

"I'm overdue: give me some room, I'm coming through!" - 24Ap2008
"In case you're wondering: don't worry, your secret is safe with me." 31March08
"What worries me more is life BEFORE death.." - 23March08
"Happy Easter, everyone!" - 21March08
Someday we'll know... - 13March08
It's not hatred that break people. Nor loneliness. It's disappointment. - 25Feb08

So many things to say, so little space. - 18 Feb 08
World are colliding. Yours and mine will never. - 23 Jan 08

Never say it's easy until you've done it. Never say it's difficult until you've tried it. - 6 Jan 2008
"I've been thinking of everything, I used to want to be. I've been thinking of everything, of me, of you and me."
"I'll give up what I started. And stopped it, from end to beginning. A new day is coming" - 16 Dec
Cheer up! It's seasons of joy! - 4 Dec

"I thought we can no longer fall down when we’ve reached the bottom. But it seems that mine is an endless pit." - 29 Nov 07

"Apakah yang harus itu benar dan yang benar itu harus?" - 21 Nov
"Am I so fat it bothers you?" - 17 Nov 07
"You speak of home and retreat. But do you understand, Parmenion? Babylon is my new home." - 13 Nov 2007

"Time doesn't heal. You have to heal yourself." - 1 Nov 2007

"Dare to dream, dare to do. That how you gonna make it." - 22 Oct 2007

"You used to say that I don't have to work for everything that I have. But know that everything comes with a price tag." - 18 Oct 2007


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