Saturday, September 15, 2007

Twenty Weeks of Missing You

Sitting here with a freezing heart as my company
I count one to ten, ten to twenty
The softness of zephyr embraces me
As the flowery smell in the valley
Reminds me that you're somewhere in Italy
The penetrating silent around me
Emphasize the absence of your presence
The color of the cold sun
Reminds me of your golden hair

"Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are" Houssaye once said
Who am I as I love a goddess that control the rain in my earth?
Whom now leave my earth barren and desert is upon it
Twenty thirsty twilights time turns tiring
And like a barren ground is now my heart breaking
Broken into millions pieces now it's turn to sand

Weeping over a lost love, I left alone
Alone but perhaps with my enarta
Love for my love, she always say to my ear undertone
Say it over and over again like the wind mock me over and over again
How I wish the sun will burn my tears to ashes and let them be blown away by the wind...



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