Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'll be okay

This poem is about a girl whose fiance was in the verge of death. As she waiting beside his hospital bed, she realized maybe it is time to let go, to say goodbye. In my eyes, the poem seems half done. Though I try to finish it, somehow, I can't. So I post it anyway, hoping you'll still enjoy it.... :)

Sitting here at your bedside

with all the noises outside and the emptiness inside
My pain is stagnant wide

Three weeks and a day
The crashing car, the shattered glass
You told me you can't face this life without me
But now you want me to face it alone?

Three weeks and two days
I'm still waiting, I'm still hoping
I'm losing my mind

Three weeks and three days
Whispers in your ear, I say:
If this is the time for you to leave
I'm not going to force you to stay

You promised me you will be my guardian angel
until the end of eternity
I think it is time to keep that promise
Your body will decayed
But I know your love will never be
You don't have to worry about me
My pain will be allayed, I will be okay

Your breathing started to fade, and I started to cry..


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